1 January 2014
The Unified Telecom license

NTRA's Board of Directors (BOD) chaired by the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Atef Helmy met today to discuss several issues related to telecom sector development and the future prospects of the sector. Several resolutions and decisions were made on top of which the Unified Telecom license system.

NTRA's Executive President Hisham El Alaily stated that the NTRA's BoD have agreed to the following decisions:
1.The adoption of the Unified license system as an optimal regulatory solution will pave the way for the attainment of the growth and the balance required for the telecom market in Egypt, owing to the urgent and pressing need for a strong infrastructure that enables the incumbent operators to provide added services to all the sectors operating in the State and the Egyptian citizens.

2.All pending issues broached by the incumbent operators regarding the activation of the unified license system have been settled .

The issue of the international interconnection between Etisalat Misr and Telecom Egypt have been resolved in respect with the coming period. As for the dispute raised among the two parties in the past, NTRA has exerted all efforts to resolve this issue and the BoD has decided to refer it to the two companies for settlement, without hindering the commencement of the unified license system implementation.

3.NTRA has decided to refer the details of the unified license system to the Cabinet's Economic Committee to be submitted to the Cabinet for ratification and final approval. A press conference will be held for the discussion and announcement of this topic after being ratified.

At the end of the meeting, Helmy extended his gratitude to all members of s BoD, the Executive Committee and NTRA staff for their professionalism and transparency that prevailed in the one-year drafting and setup process of the Unified License.

In their turn, BoD members expressed their gratitude to all the telecom operators and companies for their fruitful cooperation during the previous period, their keenness to resolve pending issues and reaching a clear vision for the growth of telecom sector.
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