5 June 2014
ITIDA Announces ITAC Winners

Source: ITIDA

The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) has announced the winners of 3 out of 18 research projects, participating in the events of session 14 in the Information Technology Academia Collaboration (ITAC) program which opened its doors for applicants October of last year.

ITIDA has also signed funding contracts with winners.ITAC aims to develop ICT industry in Egypt by means of funding research projects which are a collaborative work between university’s researchers and research centers on one side and telecommunications and information systems companies on the other side.

First place winner is a project called the HDMI 2.0 verification IP, an advanced research program that serves complex e-circuits to examine and identify design flaws.

The second winner project focuses on traffic system and vehicle tracking in busy streets, calculate their sped and overcome problems of blurred vision. These kind of systems are characterized by speed and little space of storage.

The third winner project’s idea is about designing an energy management unit to produce energy from multiple sources aiming to increase efficiency and reduce redundancy.

In April, an announcement has been made to apply for session 15 of the ITAC program where the number of proposals and research projects that applied reached 37 research project.

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