Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
6 June 2019
ITIDA Funds 15 Collaborative Research Projects

In the framework of the 25th round of the Information Technology Academia Collaboration (ITAC) initiative, the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) has signed funding contracts to fund 15 collaborative research projects to enhance cooperation between IT companies and academic institutions, with a budget of ten million eight hundred thousand Egyptian pounds.

More than 11 academic and research institutions, and five ICT companies participate in these projects. A number of 50 projects submitted for the 25th round, where only 15 projects were selected for funding.

ITAC aims at promoting ICT industry through enhancing cooperation between companies and academic institutions, to develop products and innovative services that will help Egyptian companies get advanced ranks in the sector markets, at both local and international levels.

Fields of the funded projects include energy management technology, cloud computing solutions for the health sector, big data analysis, semiconductors and electronics in Internet of things (IoT) field, telecommunication systems, e-learning, and others.

One of the projects is a proposal to implement an Advanced Research Project (ARP) by Fedatronics Egypt, in cooperation with the Faculty of Engineering at Aswan University, titled “Infinity LED Driver”. The project aims to design an integrated long-term power adapter for the LED lamp using advanced control techniques based on harmonic injection, to help create various applications and electronics for homes, healthcare, cars, and others.

In addition, a Product Development Project (PDP), three Advanced Research Projects (ARPs), and 10 Preliminary Research Projects (PRP) were selected for funding.

Since ITAC was launched in 2006, the number of funded projects totaled 158 so far, with a budget of around 104 million Egyptian pounds, submitted by 22 universities and 80 companies.

ITAC supports cooperation between IT specialists, universities, and research centers, through linking scientific research with IT industry and the market needs, thus adding value to IT companies, universities, researchers, and the IT community at large.

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