5 May 2015
Modern Teacher Contest Launches

Modern Teacher Contest for designing, exchanging and disseminating knowledge for preparatory and secondary education in Nuba and neighboring villages kicked off on March 15 and closes down on July 1.

Contestants are to establish free websites and portals for Kenana Online network on the following link: www.edunuba.com.

The contest comes under the patronage of Egypt ICT Trust Fund—in partnership with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology—and the Arab Gulf Program for United Nations Development (AGFUND).

Criteria to select winners include creating designs based on the curricula of the Ministry of Education. The content should be diversified (videos, articles, pictures, downloads and links) and address targeted students. Designs should be simple and clear and encourage self-learning.

This is in addition to technical criteria like choosing a right design for the content, as well as the participatory criteria like sharing on social networks.

Shared content on the website should not be less than 200 files including 10 educational videos, 100 articles, 50 pictures, 25 links and 25 downloadable files.  
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