8 August 2019
ITIDA Announces Export-IT Rebate Program 9th Round Results

The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) has announced the results of the 9th round of Export-IT Rebate Program.

The Egyptian companies’ exports of IT products and services increased by 27%, compared to last year, according to the export revenue data of the companies that applied for the program.

ITIDA board of directors decided to increase the program budget allocation to 70 million Egyptian pounds, in line with the increase of exports and number of companies applying for the program.

Last June, ITIDA funded 116 out of 119 beneficiary companies from five different governorates.

The largest segment of beneficiaries this year is Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), with a total of 105 companies representing 91% of the total number of beneficiary companies, while 11 large companies benefited by 9%.

The program aims to support Egyptian companies to increase their exports to foreign markets. The program, along with ITIDA other initiatives, help companies access global markets and diversify their digital exports to contribute to creating new job opportunities for Egyptian calibers in the ICT sector.

According to the program preliminary statistics, Gulf and Europe countries topped the list of destinations to which Egyptian companies export their services and products. Software and mobile applications development services, followed by call center and outsourcing services, were among the most exported services by Egyptian companies.

The program targets ICT companies; they receive direct rebate ranging from 10% to 30% maximum, of the value added of their exports, not exceeding the maximum amount of rebate that total two and a half or three million Egyptian pounds for companies operating or having offices in one of the new technology parks.

ITIDA, for the first time since the program was launched, identified the cases for obtaining maximum export rebate of up to 30%, divided to 10% and 20% maximum, depending on the company size. This is in addition to 5% additional rebate on exports of e-design, e-health, e-gaming, and e-commerce, and 5% additional rebate to companies operating in one of the new technology parks.

Through the eight successive rounds of the program, ITIDA supported around 167 Egyptian companies with EGP 280 million, which contributed to increasing the companies’ revenues to nearly EGP six billion over eight years, since the program started in 2010.
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