8 November 2015
ITAC Launches Round 19 Submission Window for Collaborative Research Projects Proposals

The Information Technology Academia Collaboration (ITAC), affiliated to the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), has announced launching Round 19 submission window for Collaborative Research Projects proposals from November 1 until November 30.

Submitted proposals fall within three main areas: the first is the strategic area which includes wireless network security and cybersecurity, electronics and embedded systems for ICT applications, ICT for homeland security, ICT for transportation, ICT for health, ICT for agriculture, ICT for the disabled, ICT for education and ICT for energy.

The second is technology-trend area which includes mobile applications and computing, cloud computing, data analytics and big data, internet of things, ubiquitous computing, gamification, cognitive computing and smart machines. The third covers demand-driven areas which are based on specific needs of governmental bodies, ministries, governorates and others.

ITAC program mission is to bring value to Egyptian ICT industry by fostering collaboration between industry and academia aiming at developing R&D based innovative products and services that put Egyptian ICT companies in a leading position in the ICT market, both locally and internationally.

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