11 February 2016
Egypt Partakes in Eleventh ITU Meeting of CWG-COP

Egypt, represented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), will participate remotely in the Eleventh Meeting of the Council Working Group on Child Online Protection (CWG-COP), organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) on February 16, at ITU Headquarters, Geneva.

CWG-COP meetings in general aim to continue the COP initiative as a platform to raise awareness on child online safety issues. ITU Council established WG-COP to exchange views,  promote and work on the subject matter and report to the Council annually on the activities of the working group on child online protection .

Launched by ITU in November 2008, the Child Online Protection (COP) Initiative brings together partners from all sectors of the global community to create a safe and empowering online experience for children around the world. COP takes a holistic approach to promoting child online safety, developing strategies that span five key areas including legal measures, technical and procedural measures, organizational structures, capacity building and international cooperation.

Based in Geneva, the ITU is the leading United Nations agency for ICTs with 191 member states, including Egypt, and more than 700 sector members and associates. ITU role is to enable the global growth and sustained development of ICT. ITU organizes international telecom events like WSIS and Telecom Africa.

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