18 May 2016
Egypt Partakes in UNICEF COP in MENA Region Workshop

Egypt, represented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), will participate in the Child Online Protection (COP) in the MENA Region Workshop, organized by UNICEF on May 18-19, in Amman, Jordan.

The workshop agenda will include a welcome session and an introduction to the research study, in addition to an overview of ICT landscape, and a number of sessions on Internet growth and use in the region and a regional legislative overview.

The workshop will include also a presentation of country reports and plans (Egypt, Jordan, Algeria, and Morocco), identification of good and promising practices, and an introduction to country working group activities and how to integrate recommendations into country plans.

MCIT continuously participates in the activities of child online safety, and keep up with latest international developments in this regard. It participated in all COP meetings, held in Cairo over the past few months—organized by UNICEF and a number of other international bodies—in order to take part in a child online safety report in the MENA region (particularly in Algeria, Morocco, Jordon and Egypt) prepared by UNICEF.

Moreover, participation in this workshop aims to verify data collected from the region—by UNICEF and its partners—to present them in the final report, which will be followed by studies on COP in the participating countries. This is in addition to learning about and availing from the experiences of other Arab countries, as well as building partnerships with UNICEF, one of the key international partners with regard to child protection, especially online protection.

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