23 January 2020
ITIDA Applies Effective E-Signature System at Suez Canal Insurance

The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) has met with an official delegation of Suez Canal Insurance company, at ITIDA premises in Smart Village.

The two sides discussed leveraging the successful experience of applying e-signature at Suez Canal Insurance, and the possibility of applying it in the insurance sector and the service sector in general. Suez Canal Insurance is one of the first companies to apply e-signature in the insurance sector, starting from 2016.

ITIDA seeks to expand e-signature projects on commercial and governmental levels, and promote the use of e-signature in Egypt to facilitate and secure digital transactions for individuals, companies and government bodies. This, accordingly, contributes to achieving the national strategy for digital transformation, implemented in cooperation between the different state sectors.

The company presented the benefits it obtained as a result of applying e-signature, in collaboration with ITIDA and Egypt Trust company, which contributes to strengthening security of electronic transactions and relying effectively on IT systems. The system also enables the company to approve internal and external transactions, including electronic correspondences, using e-signature, and transforming them into digital documents with legal force.

Suez Canal Insurance uses e-signature in its 50 branches, nationwide, to issue different documents, contracts, insurance policies for its customers, amounting to not less than 15K documents annually.

During the meeting, ITIDA handed the company a certification approving the application of e-signature software updates, according to ITIDA recommendations in this regard. The updates include several technical features, the most important of which is facilitating operations and procedures for renewing e-signature certificates, reducing frauds in insurance policies and legalizing their circulation electronically.

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