20 May 2007
A High-level Finnish Delegation to Visit Smart Village

A high-level Finnish delegation is due to visit Egypt's technology park, the Smart village, on Monday May 21 and confer means of bilateral cooperation in the CIT field with high level officials from the Ministry of communications and Information Technology.
The 19-member delegation will include Finland's ambassadors to Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iran as well as top officials from Finnish MENA Group, Arab Trade Association, Association of Finnish Culture and Academic Institutes and Foundation of Finnish Institute in the Middle East.
Meanwhile, it has been agreed that the annual meeting of Finland's ambassadors to Middle Eastern countries will be held this year in Egypt.
The Egyptian-Finnish relations in the CIT field date back to 2002 when Egypt joined the Helsinki Process on Globalisation and Democracy. Founded in 2002, the Helsinki Process has been acting as the gathering mechanism of 14 developed and developing countries, boosting dialogue and generating goal-oriented actions.
Egypt had been appointed as the coordinator for the CIT track at the Helsinki Conference held in Finland in September 2005, where the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) issued a roadmap for the CIT track, and an annex was added on e-education, e-health and e-content.
In 2006, MCIT hosted a two-day workshop gathering 32 experts from ten countries of the Helsinki Process friends, figuring out means of collaboration as well as presenting a partnership model on the international level.
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