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22 December 2009
ITIDA Organizes First Employment Fair for Graduates to Join ICT Sector

Information Technology Industry Development Agency "ITIDA" organizes its first Employment Fair from 20-31 December, 2009 for Education Development Program for Egyptian University "EduEgypt" graduates.

This fair is being held in sports village at Cairo University aiming at creating a venue between companies, call contact centers and BPO on one hand, providing the graduates opportunities in the ICT sector, on the other hand.

This gathering is being held after few days of graduation of EDUEgypt batches one and two; designed for developing the Egyptian universities students’ professional skills. 

Moreover, 2225 trainee, namely all "EduEgypt" program graduates for the academic year 2008-2009, have been invited to participate, according to prerequisites and skills defined by the participating companies. Local and international business tycoons, e.g. ECCO, Raya, Xceed, IBM, HSBC, Wassla, Teleperformance, Esnad and BPO as well as other entities participate in this fair.

Strategy Advisor and Board Member of ITIDA, Mr. Amin Khaireldin, pointed out that the first employment fair for "EduEgypt" program graduates assures its seriousness and credibility, providing the international market with high professional calibers in outsourcing field.

He also added that this program reflects a scope of understanding for industry requirements from one hand, and partnership between ITIDA and private sector, represented by companies working in the field, from the other hand, constituting a strategic partnership, as it has crucial impacts on the training programs planned based on local and international entities business requirements, operating in ICT field.
This partnership, as he outlined, allows for such large-scale gathering. It will result positively in joining professionals, graduated from this program designed in collaboration with large local and international firms working in ICT, in such entities. 

The real challenge, as the graduates reported, was the timing of the program; as it started in the summer vacation, ending up in the second semester of their last year.

As the trainers knew the ways of attraction, however, the students were eager to attend the program, which encompassed new curricula, never studied in their faculties like analyzing, communication skills, decision making, group working, punctuality and work policy observance. In addition to this, English courses have been provided, as one of the main skills required.

Jasson Dosaza, FirstSource Company, one of the international training entities working on "Train the Trainers" course, pointed out that the trainees’ knowledge and self assurance in "Train the Trainers" course are some of their great advantages.

He also delineated that such privileges make the Egyptian trainees distinguished trainers, which will have a great impact on importing more investments in this sector to Egypt.

Located in the heart of modern business environment at the Smart Village, The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) is a governmental entity spearheading the development of the Egyptian IT sector and increasing its global competitiveness. ITIDA, an affiliate of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), is tasked with the focal role in the developing the IT industry through identifying the needs of the local industry and addressing them with tailored programs. The agency is considered to be a one-stop-shop for foreign investors and a strategic advisor to Multi-National Companies (MNCs) investing in the Egyptian IT sector.  It further plays a leading role in enhancing the Egyptian cyber security and data protection framework towards a more secure e-Business and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services positioning.

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