28 September 2020
International Olympiad in Informatics

The 32nd edition of the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) was organized by Singapore, online, on September 13-19. IOI 2020 was joined by 347 participants, representing 87 countries. All the Egyptian team, consisting of four members, won medals at IOI 2020, including one silver and three bronze medals.

Winners at IOI include Mohamed Ehab Morsi, 18, and Osama Ayman El Khodery, 17, from Gharbia Governorate; Mohamed Ahmad Bakri, 16, and Hazem Tariq Issa, 18, from Alexandria Governorate. The result achieved is the best since the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT),  started sponsoring the teams participating in this Olympiad, increasing Egypt's tally of medals to 23 (six silver and 17 bronze).

In 2008, Egypt organized the IOI and won a bronze medal. The IOI is one of the major international competitions in the field of software and methods for systematic solution to all kinds of problems, targeting school students around the world.

In addition, MCIT, in collaboration with the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT), organized the 13th edition of the Egyptian Olympiad in Informatics (EOI), on September 22-26, at AASTMT premises in Alexandria. This comes within the framework of the cooperation protocol inked between MCIT and AASTMT for carrying out training for the Olympiad in informatics programs, at national, regional and international levels.

A large number of school students from different governorates applied to participate in the EOI. After passing several assessments and trainings, the top 300 students were selected to receive the training grant provided by MCIT, where training took place in 10 governorates, from July 26 to August 20. During the EOI Qualifier, held on September 13-14, the top 100 students were selected to compete in the EOI finals.

The EOI closing ceremony was attended by the ICT Minister Amr Talaat, who honored the Egyptian team that won international medals at the IOI. In addition, 50 students were honored for winning eight gold, 14 silver and 28 bronze medals at the EOI 2020.

During the closing ceremony, the ICT Minister announced the start of preparations for organizing and hosting the first African Olympiad in informatics in Egypt, in light of the state's efforts to support, foster and train African youth in programming and technology.

The EOI was first held in 2003. It is the most important competition in computer algorithms, programming and methods of systematic solution to all problems of various kinds, targeting school students. The competition helped spot exceptional youth in ICT, most of whom received scholarships abroad and some are currently working in major international software companies, such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft and others.

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