7 March 2010
TAIEX Workshop to Be Held on Cyber Crimes and Child Protection Online

TAIEX Workshop entitled "Fight against Cybercrime and Child on-Line Exploitation” is due to be held in Cairo from March 30 – 31, 2010.

The workshop will be organized by the Internet Safety Project in cooperation with the European Commission Directorate-General Enlargement and the Academy of European Law (ERA). TAIEX is the Technical Assistance and Information Exchange instrument managed by the Directorate-General Enlargement of the European Commission.

The workshop aims at covering many issues of which the fight against cybercrime is a core element.

The terms "cybercrime", "computer crime", "computer-related crime" or "high-tech crime" are often used interchangeably to describe the phenomenon of the wide variety of criminal acts which may be committed remotely from the target area as a result of internet technologies.

Due to the global nature of information networks, there is ever-growing vulnerability to cybercrime. To tackle this threat traditional mutual assistance and operational law enforcement cooperation prove often ineffective and inadequate.

The objective of this seminar will be to assess how the European legislation in this field is applied in the different Member States and candidate countries and the perspectives for an effective Europe-wide campaign against cybercrime.

High level European and Egyptian experts will contribute to the workshop. Prominent Egyptian and Arab guests have also been invited to participate in the workshop, which makes it a very good opportunity to benefit from the European experience in the field. 

The Egyptian experience and efforts in fighting cyber crimes and child online pornography will be highlighted throughout the workshop.

The Internet Safety Project team had discussed during its second meeting held recently the preparations for holding a workshop on cyber crimes and child protection online. They agreed on the importance of following up and evaluating the program.

The Internet Safety Project team approved for the coming phase to seek to enhance the proficiency of employees working in the field and raise public awareness via an integrated media plan.

The meeting was presided by First Deputy to Minister of Communications and IT Dr. Hoda Baraka.

The meeting was attended by representatives from General Administration for Information and Documentation (GAID), Ministry of Education, Ministry of Information, Ministry of Higher Education and State for Scientific Research, State Information Service (SIS), Supreme Council of Youth, TE Data, National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) and Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA).

The attendees reviewed a summary of the activities carried out by Net-Aman during the time from October 2009 – February 2010. In addition, they briefly tackled future plans.

For more information on TAIEX assistance and to download presentations of this event, please go to: http://ec.europa.eu/enlargement/taiex.

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