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17 March 2010
ITIDA Holds 4th ITAC Meeting

Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) organized on March 17th, 2010 the 4th meeting of Information Technology Academia Collaboration (ITAC).

The meeting was held under the auspices and in the presence of Minister of Communications and Information Technology Dr. Tarek Kamel and Minister of Higher Education and State for Scientific Research Dr. Hani Helal.

Dr. Kamel and Dr. Helal honored the students and researchers who completed the best 20 graduation projects for 2009, granting them certificates of merit.
Faculty of Computer and Information Science at Ain Shams University received an award for acquiring the biggest number of graduation projects funded during the academic year 2008 - 2009.

The best six graduation projects; winning a scholarship to the Entrepreneurship Qualification program to qualify them to join ITIDA’s Technology Incubators Program, were announced during the event.

They will be supported and sponsored as projects qualified to grow and turn into major companies that are likely to compete in Egyptian and international markets.

The meeting agenda involved a presentation of some projects for products development that have been funded and finalized.

Researchers presented details about their projects, points of strength and success stories. Some of these projects managed to penetrate Asian markets like Japan and Arab markets such as Saudi Arabia in addition to local markets.
ITIDA submitted a recognition award to Vodafone for the company’s contribution to offering summer training to students and its cooperation with ITAC.

ITIDA also offered the Japanese Jelecom company a similar award for training students in a number of Egyptian governorates.

Moreover, Faculty of Engineering, Mansoura University, was awarded for the large number of students participating in summer training.

ITAC, launched for the first time by ITIDA in 2006, aims to promote cooperation in the areas of IT industry and academia through linking academic research to the industry, market needs and companies.

To achieve such goals, the initiative has selected the type of projects through which collaboration between the IT sector and academic research can be maximized.

The program includes 4 research modules set by the ITAC steering committee which include Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Green ICT and Mobile Applications.

ITAC supports six main programs. Four programs of Product Development Projects, Advanced Research Projects (ARP), Patent Filing Program (PFP) and ITIDA Fellowships are dedicated to Postgraduates. The two other programs are offered to undergraduates in the form of graduation projects and summer training.

During the meeting, ITIDA showcased the projects funded in the third and fourth phases of the initiative and the 130 graduation projects it sponsored last year.

A total of 2586 university students participated in the Summer Training Program. ITIDA has coordinated with IT organizations and companies to host students during the summer vacation based on an agreement between them and the universities about the training program duration and agenda.

The companies, throughout the training phase, involved the students in running projects and practical on job training to help them obtain practical experience and qualify them to join the marketplace after graduation. ITIDA grants each student 500 L.E. per month during the training period up to a maximum of 2 months.

ITAC has funded several projects during the time from 2006-2009. A total of 17 development projects, 12 advanced research projects and four fellowship programs have been sponsored so far.

Established in 2004, the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) aims at developing and promoting the Egyptian IT industry. Relying on unequivocal governmental support, ITIDA utilizes the vast array of advantages bestowed upon Egypt and synchronizes public and private efforts in order to keep the country at the forefront of the global ICT market.

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