30 December 2009
Dr. Kamel Witnesses MoU Signing between MCIT and Al-Ahram Foundation

In the framework of the e-content initiative launched by Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in May 2005, Dr. Tarek Kamel accompanied by First Deputy to the Minister Dr. Hoda Baraka, Al-Ahram CEO, Dr. Abd Elmonem Said, Al-Ahram Editor– in – chief, Mr. Osama Saraya, witnessed yesterday MoU signing between Ministry of ICT and Al-Ahram Foundation.

This MoU aims at developing Al- Ahram portal, supporting its press cycle automation, establishing Al- Ahram call center, linking all sites and branches of Al- Ahram, supporting Al-Ahram archiving system for documents and images, IT training for its employees, in addition to providing a laptop for every journalist.

Central to this protocol is developing editorial sector in Al-Ahram and its electronic and paper publications, upgrading its services and activities in all fields, developing Al-Ahram share on the digital content on the Internet, developing Al- Ahram services through the Internet and Al- Ahram portal, in addition to developing employees capabilities through Communications and IT training.

The minister pointed out that the world is changing fiercely, and Egypt, as a pioneer in the region, must cope with these new alterations, especially in the digital content aspects, let alone the merge between Communications and Information. Dr. Kamel also pointed out that Egypt could achieve a huge leap in communications and information infrastructure in fixed landlines, mobile phones, Internet and broadband.

Dr. Kamel highlighted the digital content and its availability for all citizens. Egypt, the minister continues, is full of scientific, and informative heritage which could be digitalized and made it available for a wide sector of Arab and Egyptian sector, and especially for youth.

The minister added that Al- Ahram was capable of grasping the importance of the new technological tools, and the importance of developing and digitalizing the content to form the Egyptian society. This protocol, according to the minister, is not only for spreading laptops and cycle automation. Al- Ahram, rather, is a good partner to achieve the expected targets of the ministry regarding the digital content.

The minister also asserted that Al-Ahram, as a huge store for information, is one of the associations that the ministry can join hands with, regarding digital contents, as a strong partner in the next period. Al-Ahram, with its potentials, can form a landmark in digital press for the next period.

Dr. Hoda Baraka also pointed to the importance of this protocol to Al-Ahram, and its development in the future from one hand, and from the other hand, to its support to one of the most important targets of the ministry, i.e. Arabic digital content.

Moreover, Dr. Baraka pointed out the ministry view regarding the digital content in Egypt, through partnership with many bodies like Publishers Union, Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Information, and within a context of a public initiative summoning 70 bodies, and in a trial to save Arabic heritage for the next generations.

This protocol has been signed in collaboration with main partners; Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Information, governmental bodies, publishers, civil associations and unions. The projects of this initiative offered more than 4000 jobs for the time being, in addition to more than 15 companies working in the field of Communications and Information Technology.

It is also worth mentioning that this initiative aims at saving and enriching the Arabic heritage for next generations. In addition to this it yearns for developing the digital content development and hosting, spreading public knowledge, social services, and spreading Egyptian culture locally and internationally, electronically, let alone benefiting from the merge between Communications and Information to provide content services in new economic models.

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