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10 February 2010
Egypt's Panel Discussion at NASSCOM Attracts Large Turnout

Egypt's delegation organized a panel discussion during NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2010 held from 9-11 February, 2010 in Mumbai. 

The panel discussion witnessed a large turnout surpassing the attendance of similar events held by seven other countries.

In addition to the delegation of Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) and that of Egyptian and foreign companies operating in Egypt, a large number of businessmen and media representatives took part in the panel discussion.

The meeting was attended by Egypt's Ambassador to India Dr. Mohamed Hegazy and Consul General Ms. Nabila Salama.

The discussion kicked off by Dr. Hegazy's speech on Egyptian-Indian cooperation and the two countries' keenness on boosting ties in all domains, including economy.

Ambassador Hegazy highlighted the importance of bilateral relations, how they are reflected on the trade exchange amounting to $3 billion and means of boosting Indian investments in Egypt, especially in ICT. 

Dr. Hegazy stressed Egypt's competitive edge and its ability to deal with international variables, the deals signed between the country and many other ones and the world's economic coalitions.

The Egyptian delegation was keen on turning the event into an interactive discussion, where ITIDA Board Member and Strategy Advisor Mr. Amin Khair Eldin gave a presentation on Egypt's competitive advantages in ICT.

Mr. Khair Eldin further shed light on points of strength like the availability of a large base of graduates and professionals who are likely to join the field, the advanced infrastructure, the government's support, the distinguished geographic location and the competitive cost of starting and developing businesses in Egypt.

About 17,000 engineers, 63,000 business majors, 14,000 science majors and 87,000 arts majors and others graduate every year from Egyptian universities, all of whom are qualified to join the ICT sector, Mr. Khair Eldin noted.

ITIDA Board Member Mr. Hossam Megahed run the panel discussion, directing many questions to Egyptian and international companies about the impact of Egypt's competitiveness on their decisions to invest in the country and the sustainability of their success.

The panel discussion encompassed a dialogue on the Egyptian-Indian collaboration and the Indian investments in Egypt's ICT sector.

It was clear through the dialogue that mega Indian companies realized Egypt's competitive advantages, looking forward to increasing their investments in the country.

Egyptian and foreign companies' representatives reached a consensus that the professional calibers and the training programs they receive are major pillars for the success of their businesses in Egypt.

Moreover, the multilingualism of these calibers and their proficiency in speaking several foreign languages in neutral accents are among other success factors.

Germany's Software Quality Systems (SQS) spokesperson said that the company managed to offer its clients services through Egyptian professionals who are proficient in German and engineering. 

For their part, spokespersons of local companies noted that the availability of Egyptian professionals helped them expand their operations in the Middle East, winning a wider base of clients. They also managed to apply international quality standards while providing their services.

Besides foreign languages, Arabic language is another important factor as Indian companies make use of Egyptian calibers in serving their clients in the Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf regions.   
The panel discussion participants directed questions to the Egyptian delegation, requesting details about EDUEgypt program carried out cooperatively among four Indian companies, ITIDA and Information Technology Institute (ITI).

Mr. Khair Eldin demonstrated facts about the program, confirming the high turnout of students joining it and the advanced skills they acquire.

Several attendees showed knowledge of Egypt's status through international reports on the country's ICT sector.

Egypt has been ranked the sixth in the 2008 A.T. Kearney Global Services Locations Index. Egypt has also been labeled number one in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) as an offshoring destination by the same report.
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