26 October 2020
MCIT Resumes Qodwa-Tech Online Training for Female Entrepreneurs on Digital Marketing

The Central Department for Community Development at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) continues organizing the online training program for female entrepreneurs on social media marketing skills, as part of the ongoing activities of Qodwa-Tech initiative for women’s empowerment.
The program aims to meet the needs of a different category of female entrepreneurs, through building their technological capacities in digital marketing. The initiative currently focuses on empowering women at the institutional level, in particular the institutions that support women and enhance their contribution to boosting the Egyptian economy, given this category’s need to develop its business by integrating modern technology tools in marketing management.
Adopting that approach, the initiative started with a selected group from the businesswomen association and the High Heel Entrepreneurs initiative, to receive online training on digital marketing using social media platforms.
The running batch includes a number of female entrepreneurs with a service business, along with craftswomen. The participation of service business owners helps integrate them with craftswomen, providing a bigger opportunity for exchanging experiences and ideas and sharing knowledge, to make optimum use of the training program.
The program comes as part of MCIT role in empowering Egyptian women to use IT tools and applications, especially in digital marketing, given its significance in keeping up with the current market variables, and changing the production, marketing and innovation methodology to have more success stories and female role models.
During the orientation session, the participants had an open discussion on the new tools of digital marketing and technology applications, their importance in meeting the requirements of local and global markets, and how to use the Internet to reach potential and target customers to achieve sales success or promote services, thus increasing profitability.
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