10 November 2020
Egypt Partakes in Paris Peace Forum 2020

Egypt, represented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), is participating in the third edition of Paris Peace Forum, organized on November 11-13, online.
The Paris Peace Forum is held annually with the aim to place global governance at the top of the international agenda. Stakeholders discuss global governance issues and cooperate on solutions through three spaces: Space for Solutions, Space for Debates, and Space for Innovations.
In 2020, the Forum will bring together hundreds of speakers, including many heads of the world’s leading international and regional organizations, business leaders, philanthropic foundations, universities, the media and representatives of international civil society.
Moreover, the Forum third edition is devoted to projects and initiatives from around the world, aimed at providing innovative solutions to health, social and economic crisis. In this regards, MCIT project titled “Optimize the Water Utilization for Agriculture” has been selected among the top 100 projects (from the 850 received applications) to be showcased during the Forum.

The project represents a unique public-private partnership (PPP) between MCIT, the Ministry of Agriculture, Microsoft and ESRI, to run a pilot model to leverage AI in optimizing water distribution and usage in the agriculture space. The project uses a combination of Machine Learning (ML), Geographic Information System (GIS), and agricultural domain expertise to build a model to detect different types of crops across the pilot area of Sidi Salem, to calculate the appropriate amount of water needed for irrigation.
In addition to saving water, the project aims to help preserve soil health and optimizes crop yield. It also helps create a complete map of agricultural plots and crops in Egypt, providing a handy tool for planning and forecasting.

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