30 November 2020
MCIT Organizes 7th Round of Training Female Entrepreneurs on Digital Marketing Skills, within Qodwa-Tech Initiative

The Central Department for Community Development at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) is organizing the seventh round of the online training program for female entrepreneurs on social media marketing skills, as part of the ongoing activities of Qodwa-Tech initiative for women’s empowerment.
The participation of the new batch of female entrepreneurs proves that more craftswomen need to acquire science-based digital marketing skills and rules, to be able to reach target customers and market craftwork on a wider scale.
MCIT adopts a special approach in supporting craftswomen in different societies and cultures, especially remote areas. MCIT also works to provides female entrepreneurs with the necessary training to build their technological skills and help them compete in local and global markets.
Qodwa-Tech initiative aims to cover the needs of craftswomen by carrying out the training through in-depth sessions, to raise awareness on pricing, funding and the legal aspects of startup establishment.
The training program aims to create a group of distinguished craftswomen. With each new batch, the Central Department for Community Development develops the program to meet the needs of each group, making optimum use of the training.
Moreover, organizing the training program in online groups helps share more experiences and ideas in different areas, while listening to opinions and suggestions provides great opportunities for more networking in digital marketing.
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