Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
4 January 2021
Top 10 Q&A on Digital Egypt Platform

1. What is Digital Egypt Platform?
Digital Egypt Platform is a website and a mobile application that help ease access of citizens to government services.

2. Are Digital Egypt Services free of charge?
Creating an account on Digital Egypt Platform is free of charge, and so are some of the services. Information on the fees for paid services are found when clicking on the "Terms and Conditions" icon before requesting any service. Fees vary from one service to another.

3. How can users have access to services?
Users have access to services through different ways: they can search for the service using the search box found on the top left corner. Some services are also recommended on the home page, based on the user’s history on the website. Services can also be found by using the service guide and browsing by category.

4. Do citizens have to visit the government agency to request the services?
If the service requires signature or personal presence, citizens have to visit the agency to complete the request. This applies to services such as powers of attorney, where citizens have to attend in person to check the eligibility and verify the involved persons. To find out if a service requires personal presence, users can click on the "Terms and Conditions" icon before proceeding with the request.

5. How long does it take to obtain a service?
This varies from one service to another. The time needed is shown at the end of the service request process. Free messages and notifications are also available through the mobile application, after completing the request.

6. What are the most commonly requested documents?
Digital Egypt Platform was created in the first place to end the use of paper documents. However, some services require paper documents to complete. To find out if a service requires paper documents, users can click on the "Terms and Conditions" icon before starting the service request.

7. Does the Platform use online safety applications?
Yes. The Platform follows strict security standards to ensure personal data protection and privacy, when data is transferred, stored or processed. One of these standards is the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).

8. Is the Platform compatible with different devices?
Digital Egypt Platform was designed to work on different screen sizes, from mobile phones and tablets, to computers and TV screens. It is accessible from different browsers as well.

9. What makes Digital Egypt Platform stand out from other automation projects?
The Platform stands out from the previous automation attempts carried out by the government to digitize public services. The Platform reflects the strong political will to render services to citizens more smoothly. This is addition to the President’s regular follow up on the project, and his usual directives for completing the project following the highest quality standards.
The project also receives the necessary financial and technical support from the government, as billions of pounds were allocated to fund the project, link government agencies and create a database, overseen directly by the ICT Minister Amr Talaat. The project, in addition, reflects a strong public desire for improving service performance.

10. What are the problems faced by Digital Egypt Platform users?
Citizens using Digital Egypt Platform to acquire a service face a number of problems when signing up. Users usually write their mothers’ full names in the Mother’s Name box, not just the first name as requested. Another problem is when users are asked to fill in their National ID Factory Number. This is a very important number; it reveals if the current ID is the user’s most recent, and also shows if the user was suspended for whatever reason. The Factory Number, in addition, detects any attempt of forgery and helps protect personal data.

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