6 May 2008
Convergence, Next Generation Networks and Accessibility to be Discussed at ITU Telecom Africa 2008

Organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), ITU Telecom Africa 2008 is due in Cairo International Convention and Exhibition Centre (CICC) from 12–15 May 2008.

ITU Telecom Africa 2008 encompasses an exhibition featuring the latest technologies and innovations and an extensive forum that explores key technologies, policies and applications that drive Africa's ICT sector.

The event aims at reviewing means of pushing forward the African ICT sector, promoting investment opportunities and maximizing the economic and social output for the benefit of the continent. These goals can be achieved via discussing several key issues like the ICT infrastructure in Africa, high-tech accessibility and opportunities and solutions available through public-private partnerships.  

The theme of this year’s forum is "ICTs in Africa: A continent on the Move". The inaugural session on May 11 includes opening speeches by Egypt’s Prime Minister, ITU Secretary General Dr. Hamdoun Touré and Egyptian Minister of Communications and Information Technology Dr. Tarek Kamel.

The forum’s high level participation will bring together key figures from across the region as well as leading policy makers and influential figures like ministers, regulators, senior executives and ITU member states and sector members.

Some 500 VIPs are expected to attend the event to explore key areas like the latest technologies and new infrastructure solutions being deployed across the diverse and dynamic African region.

The second day of the forum, May 12, titled "Africa Today - The state of the art" includes sessions discussing African markets, challenges and opportunities, models of technology and solutions in Africa and the world, public-private partnerships, government and civil society partnerships and how these alliances can contribute to the business expansion and the creation of future development. The second day also encompasses a session on convergence and the future generations of technology and an interactive session on ICT policies and regulations in Africa.

May 13 sessions, to be held under the title "Dynamic Africa - Demand Drivers and Innovation", involves a session on the African market and consumer and how they can contribute to moving the continent’s market mechanisms to meet the Africans’ demands. A public session will be held on the same day titled: "Policy Agenda: The WSIS commitments: where do we stand now?" and another titled: "Policy Agenda: from Kigali to tomorrow." Also the session "Innovation in Practice: Technology Parks in Africa" sheds light on successful models like that of Egypt’s Smart Village. On the same day, the session "Mobile: Africa's broadband platform of choice? will review the technical, regulatory and marketing challenges of this type of internet technology.
May 14’s to be held under the title: "Dynamic Africa: Partnering for the Future" includes a session titled: "Outsourcing and Cost Reduction? A challenge and an opportunity", another about the market forces and the regulations role and a third on the wireless technology and a new framework for attracting investments to Africa.

The last day, May 15, includes session a titled "Africa in the Vanguard." Another session revolves around investments in Africa, creating a trusted environment in addition to a round table on cybersecurity.

Preliminary numbers indicate that about 6000 people from over 75 countries are visiting the event; and 250 exhibitors are taking part in the exhibition.

Egypt's Pavilion this year will be focusing on the efforts of developing and supporting SMEs nationwide and some of these enterprises will be showcased in the Pavilion. The pavilion will be demonstrating the Egyptian efforts of promoting ICT for development and the related applications.

The Youth Forum will gather about 100 young men and women from 45 countries to discuss and share their views towards key issues related to the advancement of telecom in the region.

A seminar on telecom development, to be held on the periphery of the conference, will include middle and higher management specialists to discuss several issues from a technological perspective.

Meanwhile, on the conference sidelines, Egypt is hosting the Second Conference of African Ministers in Charge of Communications and Information Technology. The conference is divided into the Expert Meeting to be held from May 11–12; and the Ministerial Conference on May 12. The side event will be discussing the key challenges facing the sector on the African arena.

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