3 June 2008
Dr. Kamel at "Information and Internet Security Conference": A New Law for Cyberspace Security

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has taken considerable measures towards combating e-crimes and setting a regulatory framework for the intellectual property rights of information and communications technology (ICT), Minister of Communications and Information Technology Dr. Tarek Kamel said.

“We are no exporters of e-crimes; yet we are required to be alert and create task forces for facing emergencies,” Dr. Kamel said in his speech yesterday marking the inauguration of the International Conference on Information and Internet Security. He added that the percentage of e-crimes in Egypt was lowered by 60%.   

According to Minister Kamel, Egypt has been taking practical steps towards the development of the ICT sector with exports reaching $500 million, while the number of internet users in Egypt is about 8.5 million.  

Such growth, he added, has been achieved due to Egypt’s belief in the role the ICT industry plays in exploring new investments horizons and creating job opportunities.

The opening of the conference, held from 2–4 June, was attended by Parliament Speaker Dr. Fathy Sorour, Minister of Social Solidarity Dr. Ali Meselhi and Minister of State for Administrative Development Dr. Ahmed Darwish.

On his part, Dr. Sorour said cyberspace attacks are conducted by groups with almost terrorist targets. These groups, he added, perpetrate their acts via hi-tech methods.

The Parliament Speaker called on the United Nations to set international rules governing cyberspace conflicts and considering such acts as attacks against the international peace and security.

A number of senior officials and leaders from Ministry of Interior and lawyers from Egypt and other countries have contributed to the conference headed by Counselor Ahmed Amin, Deputy State Council and Chairman of Egyptian Association for the Prevention of Information and Internet Crimes.

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