Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
28 March 2021
ITIDA Funds ZEUS Project for Manufacturing First Electric Powertrain System in Egypt

The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) is supporting ZEUS project, which involves designing and developing electric powertrain systems for public transportation buses locally, through granting EGP five million to Brightskies, an Egyptian tech company and digital transformation enabler, which is carrying out the project in collaboration with Alexandria University.
The project comes under the umbrella of ITIDA initiatives, Egypt Makes Electronics (EME), which aims to boost the electronics industry to drive economic growth in Egypt, as well as the Information Technology Academia collaboration (ITAC) program.
The funding reflects Egypt’s efforts to use the largest possible amount of local components in the automotive sector, focus on reducing Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions, and have more sustainable and green public transportation means, which will positively impact the overall environment and air quality.
The fund will be delivered over the project term of 18 months, during which Brightskies and Alexandria University commit to submit a demo of an electric powertrain system that can be further developed to a market-ready product.
The role of Brightskies involves developing an automotive-grade battery pack, in compliance with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Sustainable Transport Division vehicle regulations pertaining to electric powertrain systems, and ISO 26262 standard for automotive functional safety.
The battery pack will be developed for a fully electric city bus, with a range of up to 300KM on a single charge. The bus top speed is 90km/h, and it will accommodate up to 52 passengers. Brightskies will also develop all the powertrain electronics and control units required to interface with the battery and the electric motor with vehicle network and sensors.
For its part, Alexandria University plays a crucial role in designing the chassis for the converted bus, to maintain the best vehicle dynamics, as well as converting in the mechanical engineering systems to different systems, such as brakes, which need to be compatible with the new electric powertrain.
ZEUS marks a milestone for the automotive industry in Egypt, as it is the first time for an Egyptian company to design and develop an electric powertrain system locally. The 100% electric bus will substitute for the diesel powered bus and help reduce air and noise pollution in urban areas, especially in Greater Cairo and Alexandria.
Such advanced industry will contribute to the local development of the electric bus manufacturing technology and its necessary components. In addition, it will help position Egypt as one of the world leaders in the future of electric vehicle industry.
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