27 March 2021
Silicon Waha Hosts ORCE 2021

Silicon Waha is hosting the Open Robotic Competition Egypt (ORCE) at Borg Al-Arab Technology Park, on March 27.
ORCE includes several competitions that help develop programming, technology, creative thinking, engineering design and problem-solving skills through an enjoyable competition between teams. These competitions are:

§ Innovation, an open competition in robotics for high school and university students, where each team selects a problem of an Arab or a global dimension, in industry, agriculture or health. Each team designs a robot to solve the problem or mitigate its impact

§ Line Follower, a competition for students at age nine and older. The aim is to design and program an autonomous robot capable of following a path on a specially designed track, as quickly as possible

§ Ball Collector, a competition targeting students at age 12, between two teams, each of which has to collect the largest number of balls within a specific period of time

§ Sumo, a competition for students at age nine and older, between two robots with certain specifications, where each of them tries to push the other out of the ring specially prepared for that purpose

§ Young Innovators, consists of four different competitions, for students at age 6-8, using a WeDo 2.0 robot. Students create robots that overcome some challenges, such as playing and winning a football match.
It is worth mentioning that ORCE was first organized in Egypt in 2017, under the auspices of the Arab Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Association. ORCE qualifies teams for the Arab Robotics Championship, held every year in an Arab country.
A large number of teams participate in ORCE, every year. Last year, 160 teams and 850 participants from different areas nationwide participated in ORCE. They competed in several contests that reflected how tech-savvy young Egyptians are, keeping up adequately with technological developments.
Silicon Waha is a leading joint stock company that aims to create a series of specialized business and technology parks across second tier cities in Egypt.
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