4 April 2021
NTRA Issues List of Telecom User Rights

The National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) has issued a list of the most significant user rights to which telecommunication companies operating in Egypt must adhere.
The list is in three categories of receiving telecommunication services. It aims to raise users’ awareness of their rights when subscribing to, consuming and paying for a service. The list, in addition, includes financial obligations that companies must adhere to, on matters related to recharging, billing and monitoring user consumption.
The list comes as one of the measures that NTRA adopts to protect user’s rights, as part of the strategy it launched in 2020 to improve customer satisfaction with its services and raise awareness of user’s rights.
NTRA was established by virtue of the Telecom Regulation Law No. 10/ 2003, as the national authority responsible for regulating and administering the Egyptian telecommunication sector. NTRA aims to enhance and deploy services in compliance with the most advanced technologies, and to meet customer needs at affordable prices, with maintaining transparency, free competition, universal service and protection of customer rights.
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