Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
6 April 2021
NAID Organizes AT Hackathon

The National Academy of Information Technology for Persons with Disabilities (NAID) is organizing the Assistive Technologies (AT) Hackathon, under the theme “Ideas with exceptional abilities,” on April 8-10, at its premises in Smart Village.
The Hackathon comes as part of NAID strategic plan, the most significant objective of which is promoting Research and Development (R&D) in AT to make optimal use of ICT to serve and include Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) in the society.
The Hackathon will bring together researchers and developers in AT and relevant fields, entrepreneurs, people who have ideas or projects within the scope of AT, graduates, students aged 18 and over, and PwDs to discuss topics related to including and empowering PwDs, harnessing ICT, and developing products and applications to serve them.
Participants, during the hackathon, will go through different workshops that include innovating, designing and testing ideas, as well as learning how to invest time and effort while working.
The Hackathon winners will receive valuable cash prizes and the chance to enroll in NAID pre-incubation program. They will also receive financial support to pitch their ideas to investors and businessmen, to turn those ideas into reality.
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