8 June 2021
MCIT Sponsors ‘Supporting Digital Transformation in Universities’ Initiative

The Faculty of Engineering at October University for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA), in collaboration with IBM, has launched “Supporting Digital Transformation in Universities” initiative under the auspices of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), with the aim to upskill young people in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT).
The initiative comes within Digital Egypt strategy, as part of MCIT efforts in supporting the digital transformation of all the state institutions, and implementing the plan of the Institutional Development, Training and Human Capacity Building Sector at MCIT, that targets building capacity, developing skills and promoting digital literacy among Egyptians.
The cooperation comes within the Faculty of Engineering and IBM contribution to fulfilling the Institutional Development Sector’s plan for building capacity and promoting digital literacy to upskill students to support the digital transformation of universities and educational institutions. This is achieved through raising students’ awareness of the latest digital technologies, equipping them with expertise, and connecting academic education with work and modern technology, in addition to providing excellent opportunities of professional training and qualification to help young people access the labor market.
The training team at the Faculty of Engineering will provide instructors, faculty members certified by IBM, to teach 1,000 students from different Egyptian universities, whose selection has been supervised by MCIT. In addition, 1,000 vouchers will be granted to students to register in IBM Skills Academy, an educational platform designed to equip students with the necessary skills based on their specialties and needs in the era of AI, IoT and digital technology.
The Faculty of Engineering and IBM will provide students with training opportunities, as well as IBM Mastery Award certificates after passing the final assessment. 500 certificates in AI, and 500 others in IoT will be awarded to students after completing the three-month program taking place from June 8 to August 30.
It is worth mentioning that MCIT collaborated with MSA in “Valeo Xperts Meet Up” initiative, launched by Valeo Egyp, in April. The initiative entails a series of webinars delivered by Valeo experts and MSA faculty members, addressing different topics related to the digital transformation of vehicles, as well as real-life examples and common use cases in automotive technical fields.
Such training programs are part of a series of initiatives launched by the Institutional Development Sector at MCIT, with the aim to raise awareness of the importance of digital transformation in all the state institutions, which is adopted by the Egyptian political leadership. This is in addition to promoting digital literacy among the Egyptians using the Internet, government service portals, electronic applications and social media platforms, enriching their knowledge and upskilling them to overcome emerging cyber threats, especially with the increased rate of cybercrime, data breaching, hacking, and the threats and challenges facing securing citizen databases in different state sectors. The initiatives also aim to help keep pace with the development and modern digital technologies in different fields around the world.
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