16 June 2021
MCIT Organizes e-Commerce Weekly Sessions within Qodwa-Tech

The Central Department for Community Development at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) is organizing a series of weekly training sessions on e-commerce, as part of the ongoing activities of Qodwa-Tech initiative for the empowerment of women. The sessions are delivered in collaboration with a number of organizations and key players in the Egyptian market.
The first session is organized online, on June 16, under the title “Successful management of digital marketing content.”
The sessions reflect Egypt’s keenness to promote local industries, which represent one of the highest contributing sectors to the GDP, by 17%, as well as one of the intertwined and diverse sectors that serve many goals, and given the fact that they involve a huge manpower. In addition, given the growing number of innovative craftsmen, artists and designers, who have succeeded in developing themselves and are ready to compete in global markets, Egypt has been focusing on promoting digital marketing that represents a key to achieving such success, which will help boost the Egyptian economy in return.
To that end, MCIT has sought to support Qodwa-Tech participants, in cooperation with “High Heel Egyptian Entrepreneurs”, to discuss major topics related to e-commerce and review the most prominent platforms, websites, e-applications and companies specializing in digital marketing, e-commerce and handicrafts in Egypt, as one of the key marketing channels for Egyptian products across local, Arab and international markets.
It is noteworthy that Qodwa-Tech is a national initiative launched by MCIT to empower Egyptian women using ICT. The initiative works to build the capacity of female entrepreneurs, mainly craftswomen, and develop their digital marketing and e-commerce skills.
To attend the first session, kindly click here.
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