Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
23 June 2021
ITIDA Awards New E-Signature Licenses to Fixed Misr, El-Delta Electronic Systems

The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) has awarded e-signature licenses to Fixed Misr and El-Delta Electronic Systems, after they achieved the highest scores in the overall evaluation of the submitted offers.
Eight companies submitted bids to receive the e-signature license, four of which were accepted based on a technical and financial proposal evaluation, while the other four were turned down for not obtaining at least 75% of the grades, according to the statement of work and the technical requirements.
ITIDA made the decision to grant the license to the two highest-scoring companies catering to the market needs, with the availability of five service providers, and according to the study that ITIDA is currently conducting to apply the latest digital signature technologies.
ITIDA decision is part of the great development achieved in the IT sector, with the aim to support the digital transformation efforts and accelerate the implementation of Digital Egypt strategy. Additionally, the digital signature aims to link government services to the private and civil sectors, which requires expanding the adoption of digital signature nationwide.
The license is valid for three years, starting from the date of the operation permit and the issuance of the license from the Egyptian Root Certificate Authority (Root CA), subject to renewal for another similar period or periods, per the decision of ITIDA.
Last February, ITIDA announced that the new licenses would be awarded to companies to provide digital signature certificates, e-seal, and time stamp services for both individuals and businesses in Egypt.
The E-Signature Law, issued in 2004, regulates e-signature activities to support the digital transformation and use the latest IT tools and their applications in digital signature.
It is worth noting that the executive regulations of the E-Signature Law were amended under the ICT Minister’s Decree No. 361 of 2020, to accelerate Egypt’s digital transformation adoption and help bring about the national strategy of transforming the Egyptian government into a technology-driven digital platform.
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