25 July 2021
NTRA Approves VoLTE Services

The National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) has approved using voice calls over a 4G LTE network (VoLTE) services for the first time in Egypt. This comes as part of NTRA role in improving the quality of services, enriching user experience and coordinating with mobile network operators (MNOs) to widely introduce the latest services and technologies in the Egyptian telecommunication market.

This step also came in response to the requests made by the MNOs to obtain NTRA approval on enabling VoLTE service for subscribers. The service was approved after the MNOs fulfilled all the technical and regulatory requirements.

VoLTE is a highly efficient wireless technology enabling high-quality and clearer voice calls. The new service does not require any additional fees to the current cost of service. NTRA approved the service given its huge impact on improving the quality of services in the Egyptian market, and in line with the latest technologies adopted worldwide.

NTRA revealed that around 15 million people, whose smart phones support VoLTE, will benefit from the new service. Such number is expected to increase with the growing use of smart phones supporting VoLTE in Egypt. The service is enabled in the areas where 4G coverage is available.
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