1 September 2021
MCIT, Economic Courts Discuss ‘Digital Egypt’ Strategy

The Institutional Development, Training and Human Capacity Building Sector at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has organized an interactive session in collaboration with Cairo Economic Court. The Session discussed Digital Egypt strategy and the plan for building the digital capabilities of counselors and employees at Economic Courts.
The Session is within the framework of implementing the Digital Egypt Justice project and is part of the efforts of digitizing the work system in Economic Courts.
Economic Courts are part of the national digital transformation strategy for attaining Egypt’s Vision 2030 to create an efficient and transparent justice system that helps support citizens and investors. The courts are keen to cooperate with MCIT to digitize their work cycles and harness and make optimum utilization of IT to develop the judicial system.
The Session discussed Digital Egypt key concepts and indicators, the national efforts for building an interactive digital society and qualifying citizens, the initiatives and projects for developing and digitizing state institutions and public services, and the programs for building the digital capabilities of employees at the state administrative apparatus and citizens nationwide.
A number of institutional development and digital transformation projects were presented during the Session, including Digital Egypt Justice project, which aims to support law enforcement, promote swift justice, and deliver court services online through Digital Egypt Platform. The Session highlighted the positive impact of such projects on improving the quality of public services and creating information systems and digital transformation units in ministries, governorates, and public entities to bring about the desired institutional development and digital transformation. In addition, other citizen-centric digital inclusion initiatives, such as Digital Decent Life, were highlighted during the Session.
On the sidelines of the Session, the two sides discussed upskilling counselors and employees at Economic Courts, set a plan for the needed training programs, and agreed on implementing such programs soon to develop the digital capabilities of economic courts senior officials.
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