Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
8 September 2021
ITIDA, ACSR Join Forces to Promote SR Practices, Tech Entrepreneurship

The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) has signed a cooperation protocol with the Arab Council for Social Responsibility (ACSR). The aim is to promote social responsibility practices on a wide scale within the ICT sector and foster technology entrepreneurship to serve the society.
The protocol is part of ITIDA role to boost and enhance the competitiveness of the IT industry in Egypt on the national and international levels. The protocol also comes within the framework of ACSR vision to further support the economic and social empowerment of different segments of the society and create decent job opportunities through indigenizing technology.
Under the protocol, the two sides will collaborate to raise awareness of social responsibility concepts and practices within the ICT sector and promote the societal entrepreneurship that involves employing technology in different sectors to increase efficiency and competitiveness. The two sides will also work to foster fintech, e-payment, and financial inclusion practices to serve the neediest groups, and encourage young people to acquire different technology skills.
The protocol is aimed at helping people to obtain the necessary skills to access the labor market and make the most of the different e-services that the government provides. Moreover, the protocol aims to help build a digital society and economy in line with Egypt’s Vision 2030 and create job opportunities for youth, women, and Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) capitalizing on technology, and increase the efficiency of local community development associations nationwide through digital transformation.
Over the coming period, ITIDA plans to expand its capacity-building activities to include providing training on different languages. The aim is to help young Egyptians in different governorates find good-paying jobs in offshore call centers without moving to major cities such as Cairo and Alexandria.
Alongside its role in nurturing entrepreneurship and youth’s technology innovations, ITIDA is adopting several national initiatives and free training programs to qualify Egyptians of different ages. ITIDA also encourages young people to start business projects and create startups through funding, developing, incubating, and fostering innovative ideas, and helping them expand their businesses on a global scale.
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