Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
28 September 2021
MCIT Organizes Digital Transformation Workshop for Awqaf Imams

The Institutional Development, Training and Human Capacity Building Sector at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) is organizing an online workshop titled “Digital transformation and its applications,” on September 26-29. The workshop is organized in collaboration with Haya Karima (Decent Life) initiative and ICDL Arabia to promote digital literacy and build the capabilities of the Ministry of Awqaf (Endowments) Imams in the target villages of Haya Karima initiative for developing the Egyptian countryside.
The Workshop is within the framework of the cooperation protocol between MCIT and the Ministry of Awqaf, that involves carrying out institutional development projects to build capacity and promote digital literacy within the Digital Decent Life initiative, launched by MCIT as part of Haya Karima initiative. In addition, the Workshop is part of the Minlaistry of Awqaf’s efforts to qualify and empower Imams to fulfill their administrative and preaching roles.
The Workshop builds on the successful cooperation between the two ministries in establishing a computer center at the International Awqaf Academy and training the Ministry of Awqaf personnel on the latest technologies.
The Workshop covers several topics on digital transformation and its technologies and applications, including cybersecurity, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, social media, and digital marketing.
The Workshop is one in a series of activities targeting qualifying 1,400 Imams and preachers in Haya Karima target villages and is part of MCIT efforts to raise awareness and build the capacities of employees at the state’s administrative apparatus. This comes in line with Digital Egypt vision and MCIT institutional development plan aimed at qualifying state agencies and different segments of the society to embrace digital transformation to reach a safe interactive digital community.
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