29 September 2021
ITU Sustainable Digital Transformation Dialogues

The Sustainable Digital Transformation Dialogues (SDTD) were organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) virtually, on September 28-30. Egypt, represented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), participated in SDTD.
The Dialogues led a global discussion on sustainable digital transformation (particularly in the Africa, Arab, and Latin America regions) and the Sustainable Development Goals. The SDTD provided an international platform where all stakeholders gathered to share their experiences and identify common solutions and opportunities in sustainable digital transformation. In addition, the event encouraged a closer look at the role played by policies and international standards in the process and how these may facilitate positive changes. Through meaningful exchanges of dialogues, the Dialogues helped reshape the global narratives of digital transformation and create new opportunities for cooperation and collaboration.
The SDTD brought together top policymakers, business leaders and industry experts, representatives from the Africa, Arab, and Latin America regions, other UN agencies, academia, civil society, other regional organizations, NGOs, private sector, and other relevant stakeholders.
As part of the Dialogues, MCIT participated in the meetings of Study Group 5 (SG5) Regional Group for Africa (SG5RG-AFR), and SG5 Regional Group for the Arab Region (SG5RG-ARB). The meetings were organized by the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T), on September 28 and 29, respectively.
SG5 is responsible for studies on methodologies for evaluating ICT effects on climate change and publishing guidelines for using ICTs in an eco-friendly way. Under its environmental mandate, SG5 is also responsible for studying design methodologies to reduce ICTs and e-waste's adverse environmental effects, for example, through recycling of ICT facilities and equipment.

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