6 October 2021
Ericsson Launches ‘Together Apart Hackathon’ under Patronage of MCIT

Ericsson is launching Together Apart Hackathon Egypt, on November 11-13, under the patronage of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), and in collaboration with the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) of the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA).

The Hackathon involves two engagements: panel discussions open to the public to raise awareness and reach a wider audience; and an innovation competition where qualified teams develop innovative solutions inspired by and aligned with Egypt Vision 2030.
The Hackathon will bring together industry leaders, prominent thinkers and intellectuals, entrepreneurs, experts, scholars and university students. The aim is to generate ideas revolving around Industry 4.0 digital technologies and 5G to stimulate innovation in the economic, social, and environmental dimensions of Egypt Vision 2030.

Together Apart Hackathon targets improving Egyptians’ livelihoods and contributing to the country’s sustainable development and economic growth through developing innovative and commercially viable solutions in five main themes: Quality of life - Health care and wellbeing; Quality of life - First rate education system; Mobility for all; Integrated and sustainable environment; and Competitive and diversified economy.

The Hackathon will enable participants to efficiently harness the potential of new technologies to elevate standards of living through developing innovative and viable solutions to increase the accessibility and inclusiveness of healthcare and education nationwide.
The economic dimension of the Hackathon will focus on Egypt’s aim to achieve knowledge-based economic growth and will center around digital transformation, increasing employment rates, promoting entrepreneurship, increasing the economy’s resilience and competitiveness, and achieving financial inclusion.
The Hackathon will also help explore the opportunities enabled by the digital economy in areas such as e-commerce and virtual experience to ensure achieving digital inclusion; as well as the sustainable, scalable, and inclusive opportunities within mobility, that will help tackle climate and environmental challenges.
A total of five winning teams will be chosen -one winning team from each focus area. The winners will receive support in developing and scaling their solutions. The top-performing team will receive the grand prize to visit Ericsson’s headquarters in Sweden to pitch their solution and interact with the entrepreneurial community.
To join the Hackathon, kindly click here.

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