14 November 2021
Egypt Partakes in TecXposition

Egypt, represented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), participated in the second edition of TecXposition conference, organized online on November 11-12, under the theme “Improving Profitability. Changing Lives.”

During the conference, MCIT delivered a presentation titled "The Digital Transformation and Human Development Experience in Egypt." The presentation discussed Egypt’s digital transformation strategy and MCIT efforts in implementing it based on three pillars: upgrading the technological infrastructure, fostering digital innovation, and building the Egyptian citizen.

The strategy is implemented through equipping all segments of the society with technological tools, applications and systems, especially in light of the challenges posed by the pandemic. MCIT also builds people’s digital capacities through carrying out several initiatives in areas including health, education, and economic and social empowerment, in collaboration with government agencies, international institutions and the civil society.

The presentation focused on MCIT societal initiatives, such as Qodwa-Tech and its role in promoting the use of the Internet to support and empower Egyptian women economically and honing their digital marketing and e-commerce skills. Another project was featured, namely the National Network for Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) Services, which involves a database that covers PwDs needs, including training, employment and skill development services and makes them available in a way that works for different disabilities. The Network supports the use of ICT to empower PwDs with the transformation into a digital society.

Furthermore, the presentation featured the telemedicine project, which provides medical solutions and facilitates rapid intervention for remote medical diagnosis, serving both patients and doctors. The project ensures the sustainability of health services provision and facilitates access to them, especially in remote and border areas.

MCIT also presented the comprehensive technological development projects carried out in different regions and governorates. The projects focus on upskilling citizens, especially young people, and qualifying them to join and compete in the labor market, through providing a wide range of specialized training in ICT to cover the labor market’s needs.

TecXposition is a flagship technology event in Africa. It is held annually, providing a platform for presenting and discussing technology-related experiences and their outcomes in African local communities, with the aim to explore new technologies that help improve the quality of life and living standards.

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