Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
18 November 2021
ITI Becomes AWS Academy Member Institution

The Information Technology Institute (ITI) has become a Member Institution of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Academy, making the AWS Cloud Services available through ITI.
The cooperation will increase ITI learners’ chances to fill in-demand jobs in this field. The AWS Cloud Services content, in addition to support, mentoring, and hands-on training, are made available through AWS Academy Learner Labs. Moreover, a path for AWS Certification became available, given their significance in local and global markets.
Learners can benefit from AWS Cloud Services through the specialized training programs offered by ITI, including the Nine-Month Scholarship Program and the Three-Month Intensive Code Camp (ICC).
It is worth noting that there has been a heightened demand on AWS services in cloud computing and emerging technologies, in Arab and global markets, making training and educational institutions keen to equip their learners with those skills.
For mor info on the available training tracks in that field, please visit Mahara-Tech platform.
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