Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
9 December 2021
NTRA Organizes EG-ATRC Second Training Session

The National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) organized the second training session of the Egyptian African Telecom Regulatory Center (EG-ATRC) on December 1-9, with the participation of 12 African countries.
This came as part of NTRA plan to build African people’s capacity in telecommunications and exchange experiences and technical and commercial practices with African counterparts. Moreover, the session was organized in line with the government’s approach to strengthen ties with African countries.
The session addressed a range of topics, including cybersecurity and the optimal utilization of vital telecommunication resources such as the radio spectrum. EG-ATRC sessions facilitate communication among African experts to exchange views and benefit from Egypt’s leading experience in relevant fields, as the African governments seek to explore Egypt’s smart city models such as the New Administrative Capital and New Alamein City.
EG-ATRC is the first of its kind in Africa; it offers training courses in telecommunication regulation, paving the way for exchanging telecom-related experiences among African countries. The Center aims to develop a unified vision for telecommunication regulators and other relevant bodies in Africa through a specialized training program delivered by academic and professional experts from Egypt to help build a promising digital economy in Africa.
EG-ATRC targets training 150 specialists on annual basis through in-depth training courses designed and delivered by top-notch experts. The Center plans to carry out three specialized training programs every year.
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