Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
12 December 2021
NTRA Instructs Telecom Operators to Make Fixed Broadband Contracting Free for Seniors

The National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) has instructed telecom operators in the Egyptian market to enable free-of-charge contracting of fixed broadband and landline services, from home for people over 60. NTRA also instructed that priority be given to seniors when conducting transactions at stores, without them having to wait in long lines.
This step comes in NTRA keenness to facilitate citizens’ access to telecommunication and digital services, in line with the national digital transformation strategy. The new instructions aim to serve seniors and facilitate their access to services.
People over 60 can now subscribe to fixed broadband and landline services from home through contacting the telecom operator of their preference, providing their National ID number and other required data, and setting an appointment for finalizing the contracting process. A representative of the operator then visits the service requester, following the instructions set by NTRA.
Telecom operators were also instructed to use their official customer service numbers should they wish to obtain data personal users. NTRA calls on users to not disclose personal information except through the operators’ official channels to protect their privacy.

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