15 December 2021
CREATIVA Innovation Hubs- Innovative Solutions for Entrepreneurs, Freelancers

Build up your talents, develop your skills, promote your ideas, start your business, and engage in the innovation ecosystem! This is the methodology and philosophy that CREATIVA Innovation Hubs adopt, targeting students, entrepreneurs and owners of startups and existing companies.

CREATIVA Innovation Hubs aims to help them launch their businesses and be on the right track in entrepreneurship and freelancing through providing training programs, workshops, co-working spaces, consultancy session services, and other programs that foster innovation and stimulate creative thinking.  

CREATIVA Innovation Hubs believe that entrepreneurship begins with an idea and a step towards becoming a real project and business model. They provide a larger space to help businesses grow, targeting students who seek to test their ideas and learn the skill set required to conduct this test. They also target  faculty members who have been able to go a long way and make tangible progress in conducting marketable and tradable scientific research, or a member of an organization/society who has a startup that needs expert advice.

TheInnovation Hubs allow every entrepreneur or any one passionate about freelance jobs to get acquainted with the basic needs of his community, come up with a competitive, influential idea for the labor market and learn the basic skills to run a project effectively and successfully, starting from the emergence of the idea to its implementation by covering three main fields: entrepreneurship and innovation, ICT skills and self-development.

These Hubs, scattered across governorates and universities, serve as a house of expertise and a consultancy entity. They disseminate  innovation and entrepreneurship culture and qualify young people to be successful entrepreneurs, in partnership with the public and private sectors. Each hub operates in a specific, promising sector with high economic growth, based primarily on ICT.

Each hub carries out its activities within a specific geographical range to maximize the benefits and multiply the impact as a driver of economic development, a foundation for innovative ideas and successful companies and a pioneer in creating job opportunities.

The Innovation Hubs are a beacon for technological sciences, innovative solutions, and digital transformation within universities, with their great potential to support and assist students, small and medium-sized enterprises, and emerging businesses in digital transformation and rapid growth. At the level of university students, programs are being developed to build the capacitates of university students and graduates in innovation and entrepreneurship, help them establish their future startups and develop their innovative and entrepreneurial abilities to match the needs of the labor market as work alternatives after graduation.

These Hubs are keen to offer training courses, workshops, discussion camps and multiple consulting sessions for students, entrepreneurs, and owners of startups to become successful entrepreneurs. The various courses target several areas in information technology and how to establish a project, prepare a feasibility study, make a budget, and e-commerce, communication and presentation skills, how to get the appropriate financing for the project and how to identify customer needs.

They also provide the concept of innovation and entrepreneurship, design thinking methods, advertising- and e-marketing skills and how to form a team. This is in addition to learning leadership skills and how to develop them, soft skills, free thinking skills, market planning skills, time management, data collection and analysis and how to work in different conditions.

CREATIVA Innovation Hubs also design programs to be implemented for entrepreneurs through its branches, scattered across the various governorates and universities. These programs include TIEC Entrepreneurship Accelerator (TEA) program, which aims at helping Egyptian young people and entrepreneurs turn their ideas into powerful startups that can compete and impose themselves in the markets.

The Innovation Hubs also offer the Incubators Program (Start IT), which aims to support innovative entrepreneurs to establish their companies and to run them successfully by providing a package of incubation services. The submitted projects are evaluated based on several criteria, such as creativity, project applicability, serious entrepreneurial management, project’s ability to solve actual problems, use of information technology as a basic product or an enabling tool to provide services, or whether the project is economically viable.

This is in addition to holding Ideathon which is a series of challenges that are organized periodically to motivate young people to innovate and to enable them to acquire the knowledge and tools needed to foster the development of innovative skills and originate ideas using ICT to provide solutions to society pressing challenges using the principles and methodologies of creative thinking. It also helps to turn innovative ideas into startups as a basis for creating a generation of entrepreneurs and change makers.

Recognizing the important role played by women in the society, CREATIVA Innovation Hubs designed the Women Entrepreneurship Program (Heya Raeda) that aims to train women entrepreneurs on startup methodologies and concepts wherever they are throughout the Egyptian governorates. The primary target audience of this program are female entrepreneurs whose product is technology or the female entrepreneurs who use technology as an assistive factor to commercialize their products.

The Hubs also provide the Innovation Ambassador (TIEC-IA) program that aims to foster the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship and increase interaction and integration among the different segments of the entrepreneurship society. It also aims to build a network of university students and fresh graduates, who have experience in various activities and community work. The Innovation Ambassador acts as a liaison between TIEC and young people from all governorates of Egypt and seeks to transfer experiences, recommendations, and opinions in both directions.

These Innovation Hubs also offer professional one-on-one consultancy services by providing experts to help startups and entrepreneurs to develop their business and overcome obstacles in several business and technical fields, including finance, digital marketing, sales, business development, Intellectual Property (IP), and legal affairs. This fully funded free of charge consultancy service aims to support startups grow, stand on their own feet, and make success in the market. 

CREATIVA Innovation Hubs serve as a large house of expertise and a consultancy entity to launch and present innovative ideas, products, and collaborative activities. This reflects the important role played by the state and the universities in promoting entrepreneurship and innovation within society by standardizing and providing various vital services necessary for the growth of companies in any field in one place, easily accessible to young people. This would help them develop their business plans and solve the problems faced by their companies in the startup phase.    

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