Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
26 December 2021
MCIT Partakes in Initiators Congress

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) participated in the Initiators Congress, held on December 21 under the patronage of the Prime Minister. The Congress was organized by the Ministry of Social Solidarity in cooperation with partners including decision-makers in persons with disabilities (PwDs) issues in Egypt, representatives of government agencies, the private sector and civil society, and those concerned with fulfilling PwDs rights.
MCIT participation involved organizing a session titled "Realizing PwDs Potential," where the Head of the Central Department for Digital Community Development at MCIT delivered a talk. She stressed the need to invest in developing digital solutions to support PwDs inclusion and discover and employ their potential to help fulfill their ambitions and contribute to community development. She pointed out the national efforts made to empower PwDs, including launching initiatives aimed at improving the quality of PwDs services and providing decent education, training and job opportunities for them.
Furthermore, the Head of the Central Department for Digital Community Development highlighted the significance of cooperation of different institutions as a key to ensuring the effectiveness and sustainability of those initiatives. Such initiatives helped shed light on PwDs issues and different abilities and bring real gains for them over the past period. This comes as the political leadership attaches great importance to PwDs issues, which reflected in supporting and attending the “Differently Abled” ceremony, helping change societal attitudes toward PwDs.
Moreover, she underlined the importance of concerting the efforts made by associations, educational institutions, the private sector, stakeholders and businesses, and working as a team to put PwDs capabilities into good use and employ them in jobs and activities that fulfill their ambitions and match their abilities.
During the session, the participants discussed and presented the contributions of their institutions in supporting PwDs. In addition, success stories of some PwDs who were able to overcome the challenges they faced and contribute effectively to community development were presented during the session.
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