7 May 2009
ACU Conference Discusses Cybercrime and Information Security

Al Ahram Canadian University (ACU) hosted the "Scientific Conference on Cybercrime & Information Security" on May 6th, under the auspices of Dr. Tarek Kamel, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mr. Mursi Attallah, Head of the ACU Board of Trustee and Chairman of Al Ahram Press Institution (ACU owner), Dr. Fathy Saad, Governor of 6th October, and Dr. Hossam Kamel, President of Cairo University.

The conference was organized by the ACU Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology in collaboration with the National Telecommunication Institute (NTI) and Cairo University.

The event tackled the future of information security and cybercrimes. It also discussed the different ways of securing information and networks as well as the legal aspects of information security.

More than 150 researchers, experts and scientists from research centers, universities and institutions participated in the conference from Egypt and other countries.

The Conference Scientific Committee was formed of 16 members, including key scientists and researchers from Egypt, Arab and foreign countries. The conference covered six themes, namely; information security; methods and approaches of securing information and networks; electronic protection of documents; e-commerce; cybercrime; online protection of children and youth; and the legal requirements for securing the information.

Being the first of its kind as a computer science and information technology event organized by ACU, the conference is going to be held in rotation with the Cairo University and NTI on a bi-annual basis.
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