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25 January 2022
NTRA Issues User Complaints Response Report – H2 2021

The National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) has issued its second semi-annual report on telecommunications users’ complaints received during the period from July to December 2021. This step reflects NTRA keenness to protect users' rights and ensure the provision of high-quality telecommunication services in the Egyptian market.
The report includes the key indicators of complaints on landline, mobile phone and fixed broadband services and mobile devices. The report also shows the rate of response to complaints and average resolution time (ART) after the complaints were escalated to NTRA.
The Authority receives complaints against telecom operators through the Call Center #155. NTRA also introduced new digital channels to facilitate communication with users and provide non-traditional mechanisms. Users can now submit complaints via My NTRA mobile application, the Authority’s official website, e-mail address and instant messaging apps, including WhatsApp. As a result of those efforts, NTRA received 121,762 complaints, with the rate of operators’ response to complaints reaching 88% and the ART 4.8 days, during the second half of 2021.
It is worth noting that NTRA took several steps to support users' rights. The Authority updated My NTRA app to offer more services; increased its call center’s capacity to operate 14 hours a day, seven days a week; instructed operators to enable free-of-charge contracting of fixed broadband and landline services from home for people over 60; and regulated the process of switching Internet providers, allowing users to shift from one provider to another in 72 hours without incurring additional fees.
Moreover, NTRA imposed fines on mobile network operators (MNOs) who did not meet the standards for responding to user complaints; approved 1,156 new base stations during the second half of 2021; and proved the entitlement of several users to a refund for bills and balance, forcing operators to refund the amounts to entitled users.
To read the report, kindly click here.
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