Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
17 February 2022
MCIT Partakes in ‘AI, Arab World Post-Pandemic Future’ Webinar

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) is participating in the “Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Arab World’s post-pandemic future” webinar, organized by the Arab Thought Foundation, on February 17.

The webinar will feature talks delivered by distinguished speakers and AI experts. It will shed light on the role of the pandemic in accelerating the adoption of AI and emerging technologies in the Arab region, in particular, and the world, in general.

The webinar will address several topics one of which is the situation during the pandemic and how the systems and the private sector responded. This includes assessing the current situation and discussing the major gaps revealed in different sectors and systems, the steps to be taken to tackle the challenges, the role of Arab startups in building the AI economy, and how the pandemic urged institutions in the Arab world to accelerate the adoption of AI.

Another key topic discussed during the webinar will be post-pandemic future trends and initiatives. In this regard, the webinar will highlight the importance of building talent-incubating environments in the Arab region; the extent to which Arab governments are willing to actively participate in building the AI economy to address future challenges, especially with the widescale replacement of human jobs; how Arab people’s basic income can be secured; and the importance of adapting AI for both institutions and individuals in the Arab region.

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