Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
21 February 2022
MCIT Organizes Session on Youth Economic, Social Empowerment in Assiut

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), in collaboration with Assiut University, has organized a session on the economic and social empowerment of youth, for students and graduates at the University.

The session was within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between MCIT and Assiut Governorate for achieving comprehensive technological development and building citizens’ digital capacity.

The session addressed three topics on achieving economic and social empowerment of citizens, especially young people, and developing their digital skills to keep pace with the national plans for achieving the transition into a digital society.

The first topic was the digital citizenship and the safe use of the internet. The session introduced the Digital Citizenship Initiative that MCIT launched to develop the digital skills of citizens, especially adolescents and youngsters; highlighted internet safety rules; discussed the potential dangers of the internet; and explained child online protection mechanisms and applications.

Women’s empowerment was the second topic. The session presented the activities organized within the Qodwa-Tech initiative, highlighted its role in helping craftswomen and early-stage women entrepreneurs scale their businesses, and discussed the possibilities that IT applications create for women. In addition, the session shed light on Qodwa-Tech training programs in social media marketing and e-commerce, which help women enter the e-commerce market, thus improving their economic empowerment and helping boost their businesses.

The third topic, however, was financial inclusion and its role in the economic empowerment of citizens. The session stressed the importance of the digital inclusion of all segments of society, as it allows them to benefit from the electronic financial services provided by different state institutions and help improve their financial status.

Around 300 young people from different faculties at Assiut University joined the session, which was organized as part of the leadership preparation camp.

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