Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
20 February 2022
MCIT Organizes Session on Employment Requirements for PwDs

The Central Department for Digital Community Development at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has organized a session titled “Employment Requirements for Persons with Disabilities (PwDs): Opportunities and Challenges amid Digital Transformation,” on February 19, in Alexandria.
The session revealed that MCIT attaches great importance to building PwDs capacities. The Ministry launched the National Network for PWD Services, which matches PwDs with training, qualification, employment, and capacity-building opportunities to support their inclusion in the labor market and help them find decent jobs.
The session, also, highlighted the importance of MCIT development initiatives and projects in supporting all segments of society—especially youth, women, and PwDs—through capitalizing on different technologies and applications to improve their quality of life and facilitate their day-to-day activities.
In addition, the session pointed out MCIT digital transformation strategy, which is aimed at optimizing the ICT infrastructure to allow greater access to information and improve the quality and sustainability of public services.
The session, also, reviewed the various services provided by the National Network for PWD Services and its role in engaging different organizations concerned with PwDs, to provide the job and training opportunities that suit each disability. The network facilitates PwDs access to different training and qualification programs to cover the needs of those seeking training or job opportunities that match their capabilities. In addition, the Network includes a huge database of vacancies offered by institutions and employers and sorted based on the type of disability and requirements for each job.
Furthermore, the session discussed the role of the Network in facing challenges associated with changing society’s perception of and attitude towards PwDs. It, also, stressed the need to invest in PwDs huge potentials and foster their innovation and development using assistive technologies, to achieve inclusion and effective empowerment.
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