Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
1 March 2022
MCIT Organizes Training Program on Digital Citizenship, Online Protection Basic Skills

The Central Department for Digital Community Development at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) organized a program for training trainers on the basic skills of digital citizenship and online safety, on February 27- March 1. The program was organized within the framework of the Digital Citizenship initiative.
The training program included an explanation of digital citizenship, its main pillars, and basic skills, and discussed applications on those skills.
The program was organized to support MCIT efforts in raising awareness of digital citizenship and safe internet and building the skills of young people and adolescents in both fields so they can actively participate in achieving the transition into a digital society and attaining sustainable development.
The initiative is aimed at creating safe digital citizens, building their digital capabilities, and raising awareness of the rights, responsibilities and opportunities to live, learn and work in a digital world where citizens can work and innovate in safe, ethical and legal ways. In addition, the initiative aims to encourage positive online behavior and reduce undesirable ones to achieve optimal and proper use of technology.
For years, MCIT has been working with local and international partners to develop measures to protect young people and children online by raising awareness of the dangers associated with the use of the internet—especially social media—combating violence and cybercrime, promoting the use of safety programs, and working to promote online safety. Accordingly, the Digital Citizenship initiative was launched to promote the safe and effective use of technology, especially for children and youth, and to disseminate ways and methods of online safety by raising awareness and creating a safe cyberspace.

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