Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
6 March 2022
Egypt Post Launches Cashless Payment System

Egypt Post has launched the cashless payment system using the best advanced solutions, which contributes to conducting all cashless transactions. The system is within the framework of Egypt Post’s keenness to apply the best technological solutions to all services and transactions using advanced technologies, and integrated digital solutions to facilitate financial transactions.
Egypt Post system for cashless payment will achieve financial inclusion for Egypt Post customers, enabling them to make cashless payments for services such as traffic violations, school fees and housing projects. This is in addition to paying the prescribed fees for postal services such as paying the costs of sending parcels and purchasing stamps, through Point-of-Sale (POS) machines, available at all post offices nationwide, using the latest security and safety standards in conducting electronic payment and collection transactions.
During the coming period, Egypt Post is due to expand electronic payment methods to facilitate online shopping and e-commerce services using the “QR code” technology and mobile phone applications, in line with implementing the financial inclusion system, and maximizing citizens’ benefit from cashless payment services.
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