8 March 2022
ITIDA Licenses Fixed Misr to Provide E-Signature Services

The Egyptian Root Certificate Authority (Root CA) of the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) has granted Fixed Misr the Electronic Ratification Certificate, licensing it to provide electronic signature services in Egypt.
Fixed Misr obtained the permit to practice the activity of e-signature services after it had met the technical conditions and specifications stipulated in the articles of the e-signature license No. 1 of 2021, which it had obtained for three years, starting from the date of issuance of the operation permit, on March 1, 2022.
Under the permit, Fixed Misr has the right to run the e-signature system, provide registration services, issue ratification certificates, launch tools for creating and installing e-signature, and use the Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP). Other services include e-seal and time stamp. The company will provide such services to both individuals and businesses through a huge network of service outlets thanks to its partnership with Etisalat Misr, according to the regulations and standards set by ITIDA.
ITIDA has recently granted two e-signature licenses as part of its efforts to expand the adoption of e-signature services nationwide, help achieve the digital transformation, and build digital Egypt. ITIDA efforts in the field of e-signature are aimed at linking government services to the private and civil sectors and keeping up with the explosive growth that the local IT industry is witnessing.
Root CA was created by virtue of the E-Signature Law No. 15 of 2004, which regulates the e-signature system and digital transactions, laying the groundwork of digital transformation and availing IT tools and applications in using e-signature. The executive regulations of the present law were amended under the ICT Minister’s Decree No. 361 of 2020, to fast-track the digital transformation and realize the national vision of transforming the government into a high-tech digital platform.
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