Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
14 March 2022
NTI Launches Upper Egypt Train for Technology

The National Telecommunication Institute (NTI) has launched “Upper Egypt Train for Technology,” a series of sessions aimed at introducing the training programs it offers and discussing ICT-related opportunities and challenges and how they can be linked to the local and global labor markets, within the framework of the national strategy for human development.

The first stop of the Train was NTI branch at CREATIVA Innovation Hub in Aswan Governorate. The event was joined by experts from NTI and representatives of major tech companies in Egypt and the Arab region, including Amazon, Huawei and Brightskies.

The event included a session with industry experts from major international companies. The session discussed meeting the needs of universities in training on modern technological systems through creating world-class training academies under NTI. Moreover, the attendees agreed on exchanging scientific expertise and supporting joint research and graduation projects of students at the Faculties of Engineering, and Computers and Information. This is in addition to bridging the digital divide between the needs of the labor market and university education and accepting more students from Aswan Governorate in youth-focused training programs.

During the event, the opportunities offered by NTI to students and graduates were highlighted. The representatives of international companies addressed the development of the ICT sector, with the aim to motivate young people to develop their skills to keep pace with the rapid technological change.

Founded in 1983, NTI is an affiliate of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT). NTI dedicates its resources to providing quality education and training services for telecommunication engineers and to preparing and implementing specialized training programs for young people.

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